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“Never FORGET who you ARE, and NEVER GIVE UP!” has always been my MOTTO…

My name is Jayme Maestas and I have truly lived by this philosophy.   I’ve been a young adult living with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) for 21 years!  Since I was diagnosed so young (age 16), I’ve committed my life to educate, motivate  and inspire young adults facing a life setback (i.e.:  a move, loss of a job, a change in career, a death or a loss of someone close to you, getting diagnosed with a CHRONIC illness-no cure (like me), a divorce, etc.)

“Dream Breakthrough Life Coaching Program” = $1,000

Package includes: 1). “Finding Our Road” 2). “Our Secret Recipe for Success Regardless of any Obstacle” Manual 3). “Trusting Our Instinct” 4). “Gaining and Keeping Respect” 5) “Staying Focused” 6). “Taking Action” 7). “Finding Our Passion” Template 8). “Building and Keeping Momentum” 9). “Getting Out of Our Comfort Zone” 10). “Finding Our Life Purpose and Writing Our Life Mission Statement” Templates

“J’s Gold Setback Success Kit” Price = $500.00
Package includes: 1). Finding Your Road 2). J’s Secret Recipe for Success, Regardless of any Obstacle 3). Trusting Your Instinct 4). Gaining and Keeping Respect 5). Stay Focused 6). Taking Action

“J’s Silver Setback Success Kit” Price = $200.00
Package includes: 1). Finding Your Road 2). J’s Secret Recipe for Success, Regardless of any Obstacle

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  The TRUTH about life and breaking life’s MYTHS–
As a Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, and MS Coach, I discovered the TRUTH about DOUBT…
It will just confuse you and stress you out! Even though I live with a DISABILITY, and struggle with left side weakness and shakiness, PLUS I am a young MOTHER, I still managed to get a Bachelor’s Degree, start and run my own business and launch my career as an author!!  If I can do it, ANYBODY can do it!  Even when all odds are against you, ANYTHING is possible!

There are no more EXCUSES.  You must change your ATTITUDE from negative to POSITIVE.  Because negative thinking, especially about yourself and your plans for success, will KILL your FOCUS, and DESTROY any chance that you have of being successful! It’s all about MENTAL TOUGHNESS…

Negative things are just a part of life, and they are going to HAPPEN. But it has nothing to do with you or your abilities…

Don’t let it shake you up and give you a violent shove into FORGETTING who you are! It’s all a TRAP!
A trap that I personally fell into and almost lost my life over! You’re not alone anymore!  Don’t miss your OPPORTUNITY to let me hold your hand through this process…

What gave me me my determination  and DRIVE was because my back was pushed up against a wall like never before!  My boyfriend  needed to get his Driver’s license back.  Now me personally, I didn’t know all the exact details, all I knew was that the  whole thing IMPACTED me and the baby like no other!  It was a NIGHTMARE.  Robbing us of both money and time.  In order to FINALIZE everything for his license, the DMV ordered him to get an interlock machine installed in his car.  Plus, he had to go to classes and pay for those every week for 1 year…

But, he did NOT get a DUI!  He was PUNISHED and treated as if he had gotten a DUI.  So, the system can just get away with doing that?!!?!??!

There must be a LAW put in place to PROTECT the people!  The Interlock machine was the WORST because it would randomly beep every few minutes.  And when it did, he would have to blow into the machine.  It was during the winter, so he could never warm up the car (start it, leave it running so it can warm up…) in fear that the machine would beep.  Talk about a PAIN IN THE NECK!  Ill never forget that MESS…”Sampling…Pass…” Between the Interlock machine, meetings he would have to go to and pay for, classes he had to go to and pay for, court costs, attorneys fees and me with my medical condition-hospital bills, medication expenses, doctor appointment expenses, money for living expenses and a whole lot of WASTED TIME, you don’t even want to know how much money we dropped!

The “system” is out of control.  It does this  crap to so many good people and they make so much money-RUINING PEOPLES LIVES!

It’s NOT right!…

Testimonials for Speaker:  Jayme Maestas

“I loved it. You are an inspiration to my life and in that way, I look at myself, and I am just like you. I have hopes and dreams that I want to accomplish with a lot of struggles, trials, and tribulations in the way. But, I will not let it beat me. I WILL accomplish my hopes and dreams and be successful and live a good life. Thank you for all that you do!” Larry Garcia

“I enjoyed the presentation. It was very helpful and I am extremely interested in learning more about entrepreneurship!”
Joshua Shaw

“Thanks so much for your time and coming to our Gateway classes!”
Shannon Sandoval

“I live also with M.S., and it has been very hard recently on myself. I am going through a seperation with my ex and a custody arrangement, and just personal struggle. Thank you for your inspiration!”
Amy Fitzgerald

“Thank you so much for coming! You are a super strong woman!”
Trisha Gonzales

“Inspiring story of inner strength and rising above one’s station in life!”
Josh Ingram

“I would like help on becoming a voice also, you are my way!…Thank You!”

Sheah Gould

“You illustrated the importance of Passion when trying to undertake something as HUGE as life change. You have to be un-afraid to think BIG if you are passionate. There can be no passion if you compromise your dreams…Thank you!”

Brian Lewis

**SUCCESS Story:   I once gave a speech over at the JAIL out in Golden, Colorado.  My presentation was so MOVING and INSPIRING that one of the inmates there, on her release date, enrolled in the “Gateway Program” at Red Rocks Community College!  Around 6 months later, while I was out in my community speaking at Red Rocks, I recognized someone in the audience…

it was her!  She did it!  She made her BREAKTHROUGH!  She shared with me how, BEFORE meeting me, she was ready to give up-she was filled with lots of self-DOUBT and had such a NEGATIVE outlook on life.  But, after hearing and meeting me,         she had a  whole different perspective!  Her attitude  was more POSITIVE and she now realized, that the possibilities were endless!

Now, let me help YOU make yours!

Imagine the possibilities!  When you join this membership website, you’ll discover the SECRETS of how to Find Your Passion, Find Your Life Purpose, Finding Your Road AND SO MUCH MORE!  With my help and guidance, you will BREAKTHROUGH! Join now to get INSTANT access to it all!

Silver Membership $29 /Month

  1.  Finding Your Road
  2. J’s Secret Recipe for Success, Regardless of any Obstacle
  3. Trusting Your Instinct

Gold  Membership $49 / month

  1.  Finding Your Road
  2. J’s Secret Recipe for Success, Regardless of any Obstacle
  3. Trusting Your Instinct
  4. Gaining and Keeping RESPECT
  5. Stay Focused
  6. Taking Action

Platinum Membership $69/month

  1.  Finding Your Road
  2. J’ s Secret Recipe for Success, Regardless of any Obstacle
  3. Trusting Your Instinct
  4. Gaining and Keeping Respect
  5. Stay Focused
  6. Taking Action
  7. Finding Your Passion
  8. Momentum
  9. Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone
  10. Finding Your Life Purpose